Α) Accessing the System
  1. Users already registered in previous releases will be notified automatically by electronic mail containing their existing user name and/or email address required for login as well as their new password required for resetting their user account for the new release of MIS/ERGORAMA. Attention: This activation e-mail may in rare cases be directed to the recipient’s JUNK folder (instead of INBOX) if blocked by  unsuitable mail settings. It is recommended to check these mail folders until you have received such mail. Upon accessing the new application ( for the first time you may be required to define your personal password to be used henceforth in combination with your user name.
    Password creation  rules: (1) six characters minimum length (2) of which at least 2 numeric characters (3) “case sensitive” i.e. upper case is different from lowercase for alphabetic characters. In case of problems please contact the MIS Office of your Managing Authority. For contact information click HERE.
Β) Technical Information & Specifications
The new release for 2014-2020 can be accessed at and is certified for full compatiblility under the following Standard Operating Environment:
  • MS-Windows 7 or later on a 32-bit or 64-bit compatible PC connected to the Internet
  • Main memory (RAM) 2 GB minimum (recommended 4 GB or higher)
  • Google Chrome web browser (recommended version 40 or higher)
Browser settings must heed the following rules:
  • Allow pop-up windows (pop-up blocker set to OPP)
  • Some applets, plug-ins, add-ons or filters may interfere with the proper operation of NSRF/Ergorama and must be disabled on the browser or network (specific to user environment)
Contemporary JavaScript applications are largely compatible with most web-compatible workstations. As a result the Ergorama platform is accessible from any environment which complies to the specifications below:
  • Any current web browser (e.g. Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc.)
  • Any Operating System that can support such browser.
  • Any workstation with Internet connection and with sufficient resources (processor, RAM etc.) as outlined above.
Installers/users however should acknowledge that there may be slight differences in display and operation from environment to environment and must use their chosen workstation at their own risk.